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The WPRA Tour Grows For 2013:

In 2012 the WPRA Board of Directors proudly introduced the WPRA Tour. The idea behind the WPRA Tour was two-fold. First, the goal was to create a new program that would benefit a broader base of the membership by providing them with increased opportunities to qualify at limited entry rodeos. Secondly, the goal was to help bring more excitement and contestants to a broader group of rodeos across all circuits. Year one met its goals and the plans for 2013 call for expansion.

For 2013 the list of participating WPRA Tour rodeos will be expanding to 24. Each WPRA Circuit will be approving 2 rodeos to be part of the WPRA Tour. At this point the list of approved WPRA Tour rodeos includes:

Badlands- Mitchell, SD and Mandan, ND
California- Bakersfield, CA and TBA
Columbia River- Lynden, WA and Omak, WA
First Frontier- Gerry, NY and Kellettville, PA
Grat Lakes- Spooner, WI and Fort Madison, IA
Montana- TBA
Mountain States- Casper, WY, and TBA
Prairie- North Platte, NE and TBA
Southeastern- Arcadia, FL and Franklin, TN
Texas- Pecos, TX and Corpus Christi, TX
Turquoise- Lovington, NM and Santa Fe, NM
Wilderness- Spanish Fork, UT and TBA

2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour:

Eligibility: You must be a current WPRA card member before the competition begins to receive points.

Timing: Rodeos between October 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013 of the 2013 competition year and the Card Holder race at the WPRA World Finals. Note: Regarding the WPRA World Finals, the WPRA World Finals in 2013 will be the "Kick- off" for 2014. There will be no points counting for 2013 WPRA Tour Standings.

# Of Rodeos/Events:
The 2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour is made up of a total of 24 rodeos. There are 24 rodeos across the US (2 from each circuit). Note: We are in discussion with the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association regarding the possibility of 2 rodeos from Canada. There are no WPRA World Finals points counting for 2013. The 2013 WPRA World Finals race in Waco, Texas in October will be a "Kick-off" counting for the 2014 WPRA Tour. Points from this event will count only from the 1 D.

Type of Rodeos/Events:
No limited entry rodeos. Rodeos/events can be 1 round or multiple rounds. In the case of a multiple rounds, points will be allocated based on the average only. 

2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour Standings: The 2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour standings will be point based and will count from the best 5 results (out of the 24 possible qualifying rodeos) where one competed and won money up to and including the 15th position. There is no minimum or maximum # of events required.

Points: There is a 15- point scale, with points allocated from 15 points (for 1st place money) to 1 point (for 15th place money). No more than 15 positions will be awarded points. At a multiple rodeo/event, points are allocated to the average only. Points are awarded to money winners
only, i.e. if a rodeo only pays 12 places, than first gets 15 points and 12th gets 4 points.
Note: Points in the 2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour standings will count from up to your 5 best events where you have competed and won money.

Tie-Breaking Method: Ties in the 2013 WPRA Qualifying Tour Standings will be broken by looking at total money won at your 5 best point events.